Why am I not receiving emails?

The first place to check is your Spam folder in case Join Our Class emails are being filtered.  This is more likely if you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email account.

If you find that emails are going to your Junk folder, please add joinourclass.com to your email's "safe sender" or "whitelist".  Below are instructions for Hotmail and Yahoo email services.

If you do not find Join Our Class emails in your Junk folder, please contact us at support@joinourclass.com so we can investigate further.


1. Click on configuration icon on the top right hand corner of Hotmail and select Options.

2. Click on "Safe senders", add joinourclass.com to the list, and save.


1. Select Settings from the top right.

2. Add a new Filter.

3.  Create filter so '@joinourclass.com' emails go to your Inbox.



1. Open Gmail settings by clicking on the gear icon on the upper-right of the Gmail page and selecting "Settings".


2. Select the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab, then select "Create a new filter".

3. Enter do-not-reply@joinourclass.com in the From field as shown and click "Create filter with this search".


4. Select "Never send it to Spam" and click "Create filter".


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