Pre-defined Groups for Messaging and Sign-ups

Based on your permissions, you may have access to special pre-defined groups that you can target for emails, dashboard messages, sign-ups, and SMS text messages.

The table below lists these pre-defined groups and shows which school members will receive the message or sign-up invitation.

 Special Group Current Parents Incoming Parents Teachers Staff Grandparents Alumni Parents
 All School    
 All Parents*        
 All Teachers*          
 All Staff        
 All Grandparents*          
 All Incoming Families*          
 All Alumni Families           ✓ 

* Teachers, Parents, Grandparents and Incoming Families can also be targeted at the Grade or Class level.


Permission Requirements

 Special Group Permissions
 All School  [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted
 All Parents*  [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted
 All Teachers*  [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted
 All Staff  [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted
 All Grandparents*  [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted
 All Incoming Families*

 [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted

 [Directory] Access Incoming Families

 All Alumni Families

 [Messaging] Create Email/Dashboard Message - Unrestricted

 [Directory] Access Alumni Families

* You can restrict the user to just the classes or groups the user is associated with by assigning the "Create Email/Dashboard Message for Own Class/Group + Individuals" permission instead of the Unrestricted permission.



How is a family designated as an Incoming Family or Alumni Family?

The Enrollment Status of the student (e.g., Enrolled, Incoming, Alumnus) determines which families classify as Incoming Families or Alumni Families.  As long as the family has one student in either Incoming or Alumnus status, they are included in the respective category.


What if I only want to target Incoming Families that are brand new to the school vs. just existing families with new children joining the school?

During the message or sign-up preview you will be presented with the following option to only include incoming families that are brand new to the school:



What if I only want to target Alumni Families that do not have any currently enrolled or incoming students?

During the message or sign-up preview, you will presented with the option to exclude families that have a mix of alumni and enrolled or incoming students:




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