Create a Blog Posting

1. Go to My Class then Blog on the menu. (Blog depending on your school's configuration.)

2. Click the  button.

3. The following window will appear.


5. Select a Class/Group

If you are a teacher your class should already be selected. All parents from your classroom will be able to see the posting when they log in.

If you are an administrator you should be able to select any class, group, or All School which will make your posting visible to all parents and staff.

6. Enter a Title. This will appear in the heading of the post. 

7. Click in the white box and add your content this will appear in the body of the posting.  Make it pretty with stylized text and images.  Feel free to include links to other websites.

8. Click  to see what your posting will look like. 

9. Or alternatively you can click   to work on your posting later. 

10. If you are happy with your previewed draft. You can click  to make your post live. 

Example posting: 

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