Roles and permissions

Users' permissions can be edited by selecting this action in the directory:


Users are assigned a security role depending on the type of user.  Each role has a default set of permissions.  

The default roles are:

  • Parent
  • Room Parent
  • Staff
  • Admin
  • SuperAdmin

The roles are just a starting point to give the particular user a basic set of permissions in Join Our Class.  From there, an administrator can add or remove permissions from any user to change what the user can do in the system.  This allows a very fine-grained set of permissions to be granted to any user.


Join Our Class has very detailed permissions to provide flexibility in what you allow users to do in the system.  There is a list of all the available permissions organized by module that you can review and selectively add/remove for any user.


Example Case: Granting a parent the ability to create calendar events

Let's say you want to grant a parent the ability to create calendar events, which they cannot do by default.

Instead of granting that parent the Staff role, which contains other permissions that you may not want to give the parent, just add the few additional permissions to that parent's account without changing their base role.

In this case, you would add the "Create Event", "Edit Own Event", and "Delete Own Event" permissions to that parent.  This will allow them to create calendar events, but only edit and delete the events this parent created.  

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