Configuring SMS Text Messaging for Your School

SMS text messaging in Join Our Class (JOC) is provided as a BYOA (Bring Your Own Account) service for which we provide an integration with Twilio.  You must create an account with Twilio and authorize JOC to integrate with your account to send SMS text messages on your behalf.  You will be charged directly by Twilio for any SMS text messages you send through JOC.

NOTE:  When you first set up your Twilio account, you will be charged $20 by Twilio as a starting balance, plus an additional $1 when you purchase a Twilio phone number.

The entire setup can be done from within JOC by following these instructions.

1.  Go to the Admin/Configuration tab and click on the Connect button as show below.

2. Complete all the information on the next page to create a new Twilio account and authorize JOC to use it.  If you already have a Twilio account, click on the Login link instead. 

3. After a successful authorization of your Twilio account, you must purchase a Twilio phone number that will be used as the "sent from" number in the SMS text messages.  You will have an opportunity to select your Twilio phone number from a list of available numbers in the same area code as your school's configured phone number.  If none are available in the same area code, we will display a list of other available Twilio phone numbers for you to choose from.  If you already have a Twilio phone number on your account and do not want to purchase a new one, please contact our support and we can configure your existing Twilio phone number.  Please note that you cannot use your own personal mobile phone number, it must be a Twilio phone number.

4. You are now ready to enable SMS Text messaging in JOC.

If you would like to temporarily disable SMS text messaging, you can use the Enable SMS? switch.

If you would like to remove the Twilio account altogether, click on the "Remove Twilio Account" button.  This will remove the configuration from JOC, but to un-authorize JOC from your Twilio account, you must do that from the Twilio account itself.


5. After enabling SMS Text messaging, you can select SMS message type from Messaging to send a text message.



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