F.A.Q. - Sending SMS Text Messages

Who can send SMS Text messages?

By default, anyone with the Super Admin role can send SMS text messages if the feature has been enabled for your school.

To change who has permission to send SMS text messages, you can grant or remove the "Messaging/Create SMS" permission for the particular user.


How will the recipients know it's from our school?

Since the "From" Twilio phone number may not be recognized by your recipients, we suggest that you include something like this at the beginning of your text message:

[your school name] Your text message ...


What are the limitations for SMS message content?

Currently, we only allow up to 160 basic text characters per message.  We do not support images or other attachments.

More specifically, we support the 7-bit GSM alphabet and extensions.  

Also, the following special characters count as two characters instead of one:  

|   ^   €   {   }   [   ]   ~

Don't worry though, our Messaging editor will let you know if you type anything beyond what is supported!


What if someone does not have an SMS-enabled phone?

After composing your text message and clicking on "Preview", you will see how many recipients do not have a valid SMS phone and, optionally, send those users the same message via email instead.

Below are several reasons why a recipient may not have a valid SMS-enabled phone: 

  1. No mobile phone number in the Directory record.
  2. The user switched the mobile phone number to "SMS Enabled = No".
  3. JOC flagged the mobile phone number as invalid based on a previous Twilio error for that number.
  4. The mobile phone number is not a valid U.S. or Canadian phone number. 


How do I know if everyone received the SMS text message?

After the message is sent, the status will change from "In Flight" to "Sent", unless there was a problem during the send process.  

In case the message failed to be sent, the status will show "Error" and JOC support will automatically be notified.  You can click on the "Error" to get more details about the error in case it has to do with your Twilio account status and requires your intervention to address.

Unlike email messages, JOC currently does not track individual recipient statistics at this time, but this feature is coming soon and will provide similar statistics for SMS messages.


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